Stadiums and Sports Arenas


Top 20+ Stadiums with Domes

All around the world, stadiums offer some of the biggest examples of architectural ingenuity. They are structures designed to impress, and each is catered for the location it’s in and the events they’re hosting. This is particularly true with domed stadiums. These architectural marvels bring together the thrill of live events and the comfort of …

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Why are Stands Called Stands?

While they may be overshadowed in stature by the stadiums of which they are part, stands can represent iconic and boldly designed structures in their own right. From Kops to Kippaxes, they often leave their own legacy and architectural heritage.  But, while you may know what stands are, have you ever stopped to think about …

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Why are Stadiums Named After Brands?

Just like the sports, concerts or other entertainment they play host to, stadiums have become big business. Through ticket sales, executive boxes, merchandising and much else besides, these structures are now major money-makers in their own right.  So it’s little wonder that the development of stadiums has coincided with brands wanting to connect their name …

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