Top 10+ Construction Projects in Manchester (2023)

Take one look at Manchester’s skyline over the past ten years and the chances are you’ll see a lot of cranes. These are the result of a long-running building boom that has continued to this day.

This pace of change has completely transformed the North West’s biggest city. Where Manchester and its buildings were once considered a downtrodden consequence of post-industrial decline, it is now a leading 21st Century urban area in every sense of the word, not least architecturally.

With this in mind, let’s explore the top 10 current construction projects in Manchester that are set to redefine the skyline even further.

Vista River Gardens

Maximum Height: 183 metres

Architects: Simpson-Haugh

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: New development

Completion: 2025/2026

First on our list of the top current construction projects in Manchester is the huge Vista River Gardens development. Located on the banks of the River Irwell and close to the city centre, it comprises two glass-clad towers, with the highest reaching 183 metres high.

The scheme, which was formerly known as Trinity Island, will provide over 1,500 apartments and penthouses when finished. It will also have access to over 1.6 acres of green space within the surrounding public realm.

First Street South

Maximum Height: 140 metres

Architects: Simpson Haugh

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Residential

Completion: 2024

Residential high rise development First Street South is another project that’s sure to stand out on Manchester’s skyline when finished. With a future height of 140 metres, it will provide 2,224 co-living spaces for students and professionals alike.

The project is located in the wider First Street regeneration zone, which aims to transform the city’s Southern gateway. Construction is well underway and it is hoped that the full structure will be completed for late 2024.


Maximum Height: 138 metres

Architects: Simpson Haugh

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Residential

Completion: 2024

Viadux is another groundbreaking construction project in Manchester. Designed by Simpson Haugh and located adjacent to the Beetham Hilton Tower, it will offer one and two-bedroom apartments, grade A office space, and impressive amenities including a gym, lounge, bar, cinema room, and terrace. 

It is a complex construction site, with the project being situated above a Grade II listed viaduct and bridging a tram line. Nevertheless, construction is well underway and it’s scheduled for completion in 2024. 


Maximum Height: 61 metres

Architects: Make

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Office

Completion: 2023

Eden is a Manchester project that’s already proving easily recognisable due to its impressive facade, which consists of Europe’s largest green wall. Planners behind the scheme have intended for the building to adhere to net zero carbon principles, and this impressive exterior will help it to remain highly sustainable.

Environmental benefits aside, Eden will offer 115,000 square feet of office space upon completion. It is located close to the Spinningfields district in the heart of the city, and will open its doors in summer 2023.

Victoria Riverside

Maximum Height: 119 metres

Architects: Hawkins/Brown

Construction type: New Development 

Type of building: Residential

Completion: 2025

New residential development Victoria Riverside is another of Manchester’s top construction projects to keep a keen eye on. The Dantzic Street scheme consists of a 119 metre tower and will also include the redevelopment of the surrounding area.

When completed in 2025, Victoria Riverside will provide 634 apartments and townhouses aimed primarily at young professionals. It forms the first phase of the vast Victoria North regeneration scheme, which is the largest of its kind in the city.


Maximum Height: 154 metres

Architects: Simpson Haugh

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Residential

Completion: 2024

Next on our Manchester construction projects top picks is the bold Three60 project. This new residential development will soar to a maximum height of 154 metres, and comprises a distinctive round-shaped skyscraper. 

Set amidst the Great Jackson Street cluster, Three60 will offer panoramic views of Greater Manchester, and is poised to further bolster the city’s skyline. Three60 is being constructed alongside the adjacent skyscraper The Blade, but it will be completed slightly later than its counterpart, in 2024.

Co-Op Live

Maximum Height: N/A

Architects: Populous

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Arena

Completion: December 2023

Manchester is soon to have not just one world class arenas, but two! This is because Co-Op Live, a current construction next to the Etihad Stadium in the east of the city, is soon to rival the existing Manchester Arena for the biggest live events.

Designed by Populous, the huge venue is set to have the highest capacity of any arena in Britain upon completion with 23,000 seats available. It is being constructed for a cost of £365 million, and will primarily play host to concerts as well as sports and other shows.

One Port Street

Maximum Height: 100 metres

Architects: Simpson Haugh

Construction type: New Development 

Type of building: Residential

Completion: 2025

Located in the centre of the Northern Quarter, One Port Street is a future 100 metre tall skyscraper set to transform the area’s skyline. The new development will offer 477 one, two and three bed apartments, with great views offered across the city.

As well as this, there will be an urban garden on the bottom floor in which residents can relax. It is thought that the Simpson Haugh designed scheme will complete in 2025.


Maximum Height: 80 metres

Architects: Studio Power

Construction type: New Development

Type of building: Mixed Use

Completion: TBC

£53 million building project Obsidian is one of Salford’s most interesting building projects. Situated right on the border with the city of Manchester, it will feature a 80 metre tall residential block comprising over 250 flats and 1,000 square feet of commercial space.

Future residents at Obsidian can look forward to a range of amenities, such as a private gym, cinema and coworking space. It is not yet known when construction is set to finish but it is expected to last around two and a half years.

Rylands Building

Maximum Height: 46 metres

Architects: Jeffrey Bell

Construction type: Redevelopment

Type of building: Mixed Use

Completion: 2025

Away from the soaring skyscrapers, there is an equally important project taking place at one of Manchester’s most iconic buildings. The Rylands Building, a 1929-built Grade II listed structure, is undergoing a huge redevelopment, transforming it into a modern office and retail space.

In total, there will be 70,000 square feet of retail space and 258,000 square feet of office space in the main building, with a new four-storey extension adding a further 40,000. The full redevelopment is hoped to complete around 2025.

Thanks for reading our handy guide to the current top 10+ construction projects in Manchester. Based on this evidence, there’s no doubt that the city will continue to be one of Europe’s most busy-building urban centres for a long time to come.

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